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when & where   The International Meeting 2017 of collectors and researchers of slide rules and other historic computing instruments or IM2017 for short will be held on 22.-24.09.2017 at the Arithmeum, the museum of computing instruments at Bonn University, Germany.

Arithmeum     Arithmeum exposition    

The last event of our International Meeting will be the opening of the special exhibition 300 years of logarithmic calculation in German lands at the Arithmeum.

what's new?   We now have the final programme and schedule ‐ last update 2017-09-14.

Latecomers: You can still register for the IM! The reduced room rates are not available any more at the conference hotel, but there are still some vacancies; otherwise you have to look at other hotels in Bonn. Don't wait, register now!

The proceedings have been published, see below. Each participant will get his copy with his registration package.

If for some reason you are unable to come to IM2017, get at least the proceedings and start making plans to attend IM2018 in England next year!

call for papers   Traditionally, we have a theme for the International Meeting, with a couple of sessions devoted to that. This year's theme is
--- Calculating in Everyday Life
In many cases in our daily life we perform computing tasks without thinking about it as such, we just do it. That also holds for the devices we use for these activities, we simply use them. So this time we do not ask for reports on yet another intricate special instrument for some technical or scientific application and its calculation, but for interesting bread-and-butter stuff.

Next to this special theme, we are open for all kinds of submissions for our conference, as in all the previous years.

Here is a formal Call for Papers with some more details, and for the proceedings we prepared a note with Guidelines for Authors.

Please send anything about the programme or your paper to

conference programme   The IM2017 programme will follow the traditional IM schedule:

It will start on friday, september 22nd, at 14:00, with a first paper session at the conference hotel. After a break, the traditional swap and demo session will allow you to swap, sell/buy, demonstrate or just inspect slide rules, other instruments, literature or associated materials.

On saturday 23th, we will have paper sessions at the Arithmeum nearby.

In the late morning of sunday september 24th, there will be the formal opening of the special exhibition Old German Slide Rules at the Arithmeum (Flyer, in German).

You will be able to view the Arithmeum collections on friday morning and sunday as well as during breaks on saturday. We will also try to arrange guided tours for specific topics.

Here we have the programme in full detail.

Faber-Castell 1/87

registration   Everything you need to know is on the registration form. For ease of handling we also prepared a version of it in pure text form, so that you can edit it for completion and send by email to This is also the preferred way of registration. The preferred way of payment is by European bank transfer; if that is not possible, use PayPal. Cash at the registration at the conference should only be the very last resort for people coming from overseas.
Bonn and
the partner
  Bonn has many facets. It was founded on the banks of the river Rhein around 11 BC as Roman military camp Castra Bonnensis and town Bonna. The 2000 years of history cannot be told here; look at the Wikipedia articles about Bonn and its history. Bonn was and still is a place of politics. For many years it was the capital of West-Germany, and there are still parts of the government that did not yet move to Berlin. Today, Bonn is the stage more for international politics, as there are many UN organizations and NGOs residing here. Next to all that there is a rich cultural scene with musea, galleries, the Beethoven concert hall, the university, and more. Furthermore, Bonn has some scenic environment. Notably, Bonn marks the northern end of the romantic river Rhine valley. Given so many choices, we picked a scenic tour, with a fall back option in case of bad weather, all explained on the partner programme page.

Last but least, Bonn was the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. Each year there is the Beethovenfest in september - a month full of classical music concerts. And if you are a lover of classical music, you must not leave Bonn without a visit to the Beethoven-Haus.

Luftbild Bonn   Beethovenhaus   Villa Hammerschmidt

Maybe you add a couple of days to your stay? We even prepared a page with some touristic recommendations for you.

accomodation   Our conference hotel is the Bristol Hotel in Bonn. It provides accomodation, it is the place for the friday afternoon programme, and for the joint friday evening dinner. All you need to know about staying in Bonn (hotel rates, reservations, etc) is documented on a separate accomodation page.

Bristol Hotel Bristol Hotel

travel info   Bonn and our conference sites are is easily and conveniently reachable by car, train, or plane. The Bristol hotel is situated close to the center of Bonn and to the main train station. The Arithmeum is just a short walk away. Clicking on the maps below will show you map selections by Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Karte GoogleMaps Karte OpenStreetMap

Circles on the maps above mark the hotel and the Arithmeum; adresses are

  • Günnewig Hotel Bristol Bonn, Prinz-Albert-Straße 2, 53113 Bonn
  • Arithmeum, Lennéstraße2, 53113 Bonn
Anything else about your travel options is on the travel page.
proceedings   The conference proceedings will be published as a book in the same format as the proceedings of the last International Meeting in Germany, the IM2013 in Berlin. Each participant will get a copy as part of his conference package.

--- Proceedings IM2013 --- Proceedings IM2017
Additional copies will be available at the conference at a special price. The IM2017 proceedings are already for sale in the online shop of the publisher as well as in book stores and at internet book sellers (internationally!). The IM2013 (Berlin) proceedings are still available. Just click on the covers for details and try the usual distributors.

history of IM
and associated organizations
  The International Meeting is a yearly event for collectors and researchers of slide rules and other mathematical instruments. The 2017 meeting will be the 23rd in this series. The IM is traditionally organized by volunteers of three informal associations, RST from Germany, KRING from the Netherlands, and UKSRC from the United Kingdom, on a rotational basis. The style of our meetings is informal and non-profit, in the best tradition of both amateurs in the classical sense and serious researchers. In recent years the Oughtred Society organized two meetings in the US, and in 2016 the IM took place in Italy. More about the IM series of conferences is available on the IM history web page.

IM2018 will be held September 21-22, 2018 at the Stratford Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

contact and impressum   conference chair: Prof. Karl Kleine

The 2017 International Meeting is organized by Prof. Karl Kleine, Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, on behalf of the German RST group of slide rule collectors.