IM2017   conference programme

This is a schedule, as of 2017-09-14.

  We will probably improvise some early registration in the hotel lobby,
so that we can have a smooth start of the conference.

Bristol hotel, Churfürstensaal II

13:45   registration, informal gathering
14:15  welcome, technical session I

    • Stefan Heimann: The Hydroculator - a World Novelty
    • Bob Adams: Elektro Rules by Faber-Castell
    • Fabrizio Brentini: The Pregnancy Slide Rule Faber-Castell 51/88
    • Jacques Perregaux: Effective Banking with Modern Tools
16:00   coffee break, set-up for exposition / swap market
16:30   display and swap session
18:00   end of technical programme
19:30   evening programme: dinner at Bristol hotel


09:00   walk from hotel to the Arithmeum 09:15   welcome at Arithmeum, orientation
09:30   technical session II on conference theme Calculating in Everyday Life

    • Wolfgang J Irler: Is small beautiful or useful? Pocket Size Everyday Calculating Devices
    • Ed Chamberlain: Slide Rules and Historic Calculators as Art Forms in Everyday Life
    • Nicola Marras: Dangerous Sliding
      Presentation by Manuel Villar-Zarko, as unfortunately Nicola can't come to Bonn
    • Jose Fernández: Spanish Patents in Everyday Calculations
    • RST Community Project: Overlooked Beauties
12:00   lunch break, visit of Arithmeum and guided tours to the depots
14:15   technical session III
    • Andries de Man: Checksum and Check Digit Calculators
    • Florian Lucas & Simon van der Salm: Replicating the lost Skew Distribution Machine of Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn
15:30   coffee break
16:00  technical session IV
    • Otto van Poelje: Three of a Kind
    • Timo Leipälä: Russian Do-It-Yourself Slide Rules
    • Karl Kleine: It looks like a Zippo - the Microcalculatore 2A
17:30   final session of regular IM sessions: Oughtred Society Award, IM2018
18:00   end of technical programme, walk back to hotel
19:30   evening programme at the Bönnsch brewery


11:00  opening and vernissage of special exhibition
300 Jahre logarithmisches Rechnen in deutschen Landen
(300 Years of Logarithmic Calculation in German Speaking Countries)

The whole act consists of a (short) opening speech and a guided visit of the exhibition. Afterwards free visit of the Arithmeum, both the permanent and the special exhibitions (open house).

Flyer for exhibition opening, Arithmeum, in German.