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Bonn can conveniently be reached by all the usual forms of transportation. The directions given below all have in common a route to Bonn main station (Hauptbahnhof), and then the way from there to the hotel closeby. For this second part, a map comes in handy:

map around Bonn Hbf

And here is your direct map access to Google Maps or OpenStreetMap

by car   Bonn is so well connected in the German Autobahn network, that is is pointless to tell you which autobahn and exit to use. There are so many possibilities. Just drive to Bonn center as signposted!

Reaching the city, follow directions to the train station (Hauptbahnhof, or Hbf for short, often also shown by an icon). When you arrive there, you have to cross the rails by the underpass next to the adjecent bus station, which you can see on the maps. Coming out of the underpass, turn left, and you are just in front of the Bristol hotel.

Many of you will have a GPS navigational system installed in their cars. Just enter the address of the hotel: Prinz-Albert-Straße 2, 53113 Bonn. Most likely, the Bristol hotel will have an entry of its own in the list of hotels in Bonn stored in the system. Easy.

by train   Bonn Hauptbahnhof (often abbreviated to Hbf, main station) is on the German ICE train network. So it is well connected, not only in the German train system, but in the overall European train network also. Travelling by Eurostar from London to Brussels and then further with the ICE high speed train via Cologne is for example an alternative to flying for english participants.

When you arrive, leave the station on the rear side. Do not take the exit to the city, where everybody else will rush to, but take the exit in the opposite direction, exit Quantiusstraße. Don't be afraid, the street looks rather unspectacular, but you are on the right track! Turn left, and walk about 130 meters to the next street corner. The Bristol hotel lies just across the street.

by plane   There are three options, airport Cologne/Bonn (IATA code CGN), Düsseldorf airport (IATA code DUS) and Frankfurt airport (IATA code FRA). All of them are international airports. Airport Cologne/Bonn lies in the other side of the river Rhine between the two cities. During the time that Bonn was the capital of West-Germany, it was a first rate international airport with transatlantic and other overseas connections. Nowadays, this is much less the case, as a number of the very big airlines have moved that traffic to Frankfurt airport. Nevertheless, CGN is very well connected in Europe, in particular for vacation charter flights and by economy / discount airlines. This should be your first choice.

CGN - Airport Cologne/Bonn   The airport is connected to Bonn via the express bus line SB60, from Terminal 1 to Bonn bus station next to the train station. It runs every 30 minutes during the week and every 60 minutes during the weekend; the ride takes 27 minutes (timetable/map). When you arrive at the station, walk over to the pedestrian underpass next to the car underpass as shown on the map above, cross the train lines by that underpass and turn left when you come to the street.

DUS - Düsseldorf Airport   For some of you, there are no (convenient) flights from home or nearby to CGN, but flights to Düsseldorf. DUS lies about 50km north of CGN. There is a train station in the airport, and there are trains going directly from there to Bonn main station, as well as local trains going to Düsseldorf main station where you step over onto the train south to Bonn. Trains runs often, the journey takes about an hour.

FRA - Frankfurt Airport   First, there are no flights from FRA to CGN, too close. An airline ticket to that effect is actually a train ticket with some airlines like Lufthansa. If you are coming from overseas, it might be a better idea to use another international hub like Amsterdam/Schipol to connect to CGN. On the other hand, there are two routes for the train to Bonn. The first is a high-speed connection (the ICE train) travelling more east of the river Rhine in the direction of Cologne, with a stop at Siegburg where you then take a tram to Bonn Hbf. That's fine, but there is an alternative: Take a local train (S-Bahn) to Mainz and proceed from there to Bonn. There are also some trains going directly from the airport to Bonn via Mainz. Note that the airport has two train stations, one for regional traffic and one for long distance connections. What is gained by this? Look at the web page with touristic recommendations! Take a window seat on the right hand side of the train and enjoy the ride through the Rhine valley with views of castles, palaces, vineyards, the river, the famous Loreley rock, all that what is usually called the "Romantic Rhine".

walk from
Bristol to
  Leave the hotel and cross the street. Turn left and walk about 30 to 40 meters to the pedestrian path on the right, which continues to the other side of the railroad tracks via an underpass. Follow the street in the same direction until you get to the park (Hofgarten) with the church at the right hand. Turn right and walk on to the next corner of the park, where you find the Arithmeum. For that last part, an even more pleasant way is to cross the street and walk along the path parallel to the street in the park under the trees. In total, it's a 600 meter walk.